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Affordable false ceiling cost in Kolkata – Ashiyaa Interio

The living room is the heart of your home. Amongst all the trends, false ceilings with affordable prices in Kolkata (Ashiyaa Interio) make a design element to add a dramatic effect to the living space. It gives a different look to the home. The false ceiling cost per square foot in Kolkata is very affordable and ensures a different look to the home as well as additional insulation from heat.

The hidden lighting in the false ceiling lends an elegant vibe to the living space as the false ceiling design cost in Kolkata ( Get a Quote ) is very budget-friendly. The false ceiling cost in Ashiyaa Interio is very much cost-effective and it has advantages like it hides the electrical wires, ducts, and frames and reduces the height of the ceiling which is better for air conditioning.

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