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Best False Ceiling Interior Design Ideas – Ashiyaa Interio

Best False Ceiling Interior Design Ideas – Ashiyaa Interio

False ceiling interior designing -

False ceiling interior design is an important point of home decoration. False ceiling in interior design a dramatic look to the home. We can use different things to give the false ceiling a letter look. We can make the ceiling either of Pop or gypsum board, somebody prefers to make the I false ceiling of ply or wood. - There Ashiyaa Interio is sharing some false ceiling interior designing ideas -


Living room ceiling -

The living room is the space that has the first impression on visitors. So it should be smart elegant and mast beautiful than the rest of the ceiling. We always prefer a white ceiling with more use in hidden stripe light for beautiful effect golden, yellow, blue, green lights for elegant vibes to living space.


False ceiling in the room -

The in-room sleek and simple false ceiling looks better. Always light color false ceiling makes the room looks more spacious. A light shade like cream, beige we can also use in the false ceiling interior design - if someone doesn't want to go with white.


Wooden false ceiling -
Pairing the ceiling with white and brown wood, the material creates a very beautiful and rustic finish in any space. Wooden color ceiling with golden yellow light always looks very beautiful.

We can also add some light shades, wooden papers, or any other materials to highlight one portion of the false ceiling. The false ceiling also works as room delivery. We can easily separate two
parts of a room with a false ceiling.

Commercial false ceiling interior designing ideas -

false ceiling interior designing is also very important for offices or any commercial space.
Ceiling and lighting can bring nature to your space. so give the workers more cheerful feeling false ceiling interior designing always very important role.

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